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ATM.LK is one of the largest food delivery companies and the most used food delivery app in Sri Lanka.It operates in Sri Lankan major cities. Apart from food delivery, ATM.LK also allows customers to order fruits, snacks, drinks on its mobile app, and ATM.LK will arrange them to be delivered to its users by recruiting its own food delivery riders to deliver orders to customers.

Kandoori Restaurant

 Kandoori has innovative menu options and traditional regional cooking to modern international fare, bearing in mind plating/presentation as well as food quality and flavor. cuisine according to freshness, flavor.

Bawa’s Dum Biryani & BBQ is one of the best in town.Making way for a hearty meal is Bawas DUM Biryani which is synonymous with delicious food that can satiate all food cravings. It is home to some of the most appreciated cuisines. This is a one of the renowned Biryani Restaurants in Colombo.


The Blossoming Bakers continues the ritual of baking the crispiest of oven fresh bread but also offers a delectable has com selection of cakes, scrumptious pastries, delicious sweet meats and over one hundred other delicacies.These products are all prepared in a sterile and hygienic environment by trained bakery staff under strict supervision to ensure that all baked goods are fresh and good quality.We refuses to compromise product quality for price. All raw materials are specially selected and many are manufactured strictly to our own specifications best in flavor and taste and continues to give its customers a high quality product, which has been enjoyed by many.

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Bombay Sweet Mart

leading Retailers in Sri Lanka specializing in Indian sweets such as Musket (also known as Halwa), Sweets (also known as Mithai) savories and many more including a variety of Faloodas.


Legendary flavors and authentic Punjabi food galore at one of Colombo’s best Indian restaurant, serving lunch and dinner.Our menu focuses on delicious, healthy & nourishing Indian meals. Amongst the traditional curry recipes and traditional Indian spices served in dinner, you may also find a few contemporary twists during Lunch. With time we have gained expertise in understanding Sri Lankan medium tastes,but one thing is confirmed “If you order HOT, then you get it HOT”. Each serving of meals is presented in a style to match the best culinary experiences in the world of Dining.

Kings Delight (Uncle Cook Home Made Foods)Delivery
We serve authentic Indian And Traditional Arabic cuisine .
Kings Delight offers a healthy & flavorsome Biriyani. The Hyderabad Biriyani comes neatly packed with accompaniments such as Raita, an egg plant sambol, green piece & (Tandoori chicken with the Sahan). If you decide to order a parcel , you can order a side of the Tandoori chicken which goes well with the Rice. Biriyani also comes with boiled Eggs. The biriyani is totally yummy & the chicken goes well with it. And also We offer “Majboos” which is a arabic dish serves with rice , meat, vegetables, and a mixture of spices. The meats used are usually chicken, goat, lamb, camel, beef, fish or shrimp.This is a dish you must try !!!


Curry Pot Restaurant, one of the best places to serve authentic Sri Lankan food cooked by Sri Lankan Chefs. Herali Restaurant has an extensive vegetarian selection as well as delicious meat, fish and seafood dishes. Our wonderful aromatic curries are tasty but not necessarily hot!

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Los Amigos offers a stress-free and delicious solution to all of your catering needs. Choose us for your next meeting, celebration, or event.
Providing food for a group of people large or small can be tough, but we are here to make it easy on you and delicious for them. They will love your choice, you will love it too – you just download the App and we take care of the rest!

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